Organic Aloe Skin Care Cream

Organic Aloe Skin Care Cream

An all natural organic moisturizing Aloe Barbadensis based skin cream.

  • Our skin cream penetrates deep into the skin, up to seven layers deep.
  • It soothes dry, itchy skin and is NOT greasy.
  • It leaves a silky soft, smooth feeling to your skin.
  • “Problem” skin is resolved with the use of our cream.
  • It Penetrates deeply into your skin so it won't wash off. Even after washing, your skin stays silky soft.
"My hands have been dry for years. After using Organic Aloe just once, I found they were still soft after 2 days! I definitely recommend this product."
    C.K. — St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands
"I started using the Organic Aloe Cream. I had bad eczema on my fingers. Within a couple of weeks it went away. I use it on my feet and it keeps them fresh and without cracks.

Thanks Organic Aloe."
    A.S. — Las Vegas, NV.
"I have been using this cream for 2 years now and I love it. I use it as eye cream and it has helped with wrinkles and I use it generously on my feet before putting on my socks and my feet are so smooth without getting pedicures!"
    W.F. — Walnut Creek, CA.
All Natural Aloe Vera
All Natural Aloe Vera
Our happy, satisfied customers have reported dramatic improvements in the following list of conditions with the use of our
Organic Aloe Skin Care Cream:

Abrasions • Acne • Age Spots • Allergic Rashes • Arthritis Pain
Ashy Skin • Athletes Foot • Bed Sores • Bee Stings • Blisters
Boils • Bruises • Burns (all kinds) • Bursitis Pain • Calloused Skin
Canker Sores • Chapped Lips • Chapped Skin • Chemical Burns
Chemical Peel Skin • Cold Sores • Cracked Feet • Cracked Hands
Cracked Heels • Dermabrasion • Dermatitis • Diabetes Dry Skin
Diaper Rash • Dog Hot Spots • Eczema • Fever Blisters • Flea Bites
Folliculitis • Fungus • Hives • Horses • Ichthyosis • Inflamed Joints
Insect Bites • Itching • Jock Itch • Keritosis • Lupus Dry Skin
Mosquito Bites • Poison Ivy • Poison Oak
Poor Circulation (in extremities) • Psoriasis • Radiation Burns
Razor Burn • Ringworm • Rosacea • Rough Feet • Rough Hands
Scars • Shingles • Sore Muscles • Spider Veins • Stretch Marks
Styes • Sunburn • Varicose Veins • Very Dry Skin
Warts • Windburn • Wrinkles
Organic Aloe Skin Care Cream does NOT contain mineral oil, petrolatum (petroleum wax), Parabens, antifreeze (Propylene Glycol), petroleum products or animal products.

Organic Aloe Skin Care Cream is NOT tested on animals.
All Natural Aloe Vera
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